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Our passion

My professional journey began with training as a carpenter, a stage which provided me with technical skills and a keen appreciation of artisanal work. In my youth, I also evolved as a high-level athlete, thus cultivating discipline, determination and team spirit. After this first phase, my interest in the world of wine led me to direct my studies in this direction, thus acquiring in-depth expertise in oenology and wine culture.

With this varied experience, I broadened my horizons by immersing myself in the fields of management and entrepreneurship. It is with this versatility that I decided to create Pluton, an agency where my skills and my passion for design and conception converge. 

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How are we unique?

At the Pluton agency, our specialty lies in the creation of unique spaces, emphasizing thoughtful and innovative design. Whether for stores or events, our team is committed to making your image shine in an exceptional way. Every detail counts, and it’s this attention to detail that sets our approach apart.


Unlike many branding and advertising agencies which often neglect the strategic vision of the company, Pluton Design offers simultaneous support for companies and brands. Many agencies rely on designers and markers who lack perspective.


We stand out for our consulting service, carrying out in-depth audits and providing strategic recommendations on brand design, customer experience and space planning.


Our commitment translates into exceptional service, combining personalization, creativity and professionalism. Working closely with you, we design spaces and experiences that reflect the essence and values of your business, strengthening its impact and market appeal.


Our goal is to create environments that cultivate a sense of belonging and engagement, ensuring our clients' success.


At Pluto Design, we specialize in interior design and branding consulting. Our team is made up of experienced professionals: Marc Le Gall, the founder, is dedicated to the creation and management of brand identity. Clément is an expert in design and design, focusing on the optimization and creation of spaces. Inji is responsible for the commercial side and monitoring our customers around the world. Together, we are committed to providing innovative and personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

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